Teach English Abroad - TESOL Boston Certificate

TESOL Boston is an academic partnership between Target ISC Boston and Global TESOL College – Canada.

“Today, Target ISC is part of a privileged training network, offering our students a solid, honest training with international reputation. Our TESOL student is trained to be an effective and resourceful teacher”, says Tony Souza, president of Target ISC.

Target ISC offers comprehensive Saturday and weekday TESOL programs that cover every major field of ESL teaching.  Highly-qualified instructors make sure that the courses have the perfect balance of theory and practice. TESOL students gain profound knowledge of theoretical approaches in ESL teaching and receive thorough training in the use of practical ESL teaching techniques. Moreover, we help our students get ESL teaching specialization through Global TESOL College, which makes them much more competitive when looking for jobs.

Our TESOL programs encompass both in-classroom and practicum parts.  Unlike TESOL graduates from other schools, our students can receive two certificates: Foundation Certificate and Specialization Certificate. TESOL students gain access to Global TESOL job (see Disclaimer below) bank and make hundreds of reputable contacts in the sphere.

Our goal is to help teachers develop skills, expertise and confidence to become true leaders in their own ESL classrooms.


Overseas Job Guarantee provision is offered by Global TESOL College exclusively and only available to students directly enrolled in TESOL programs at Global TESOL Canada or authorized partners.  Nothing in Target ISC TESOL curriculum, applications,  agreements, course materials, instructional delivery or marketing collateral should be construed as a guarantee of consecutive employment either at Target ISC or any other educational institutions domestically and overseas.

One online specialization is available to Target ISC TESOL students through Global TESOL website.  Specialization part is not mandatory for completion to receive Foundation TESOL Certificate. Should students want to complete extra specializations, they will contact Global TESOL College directly and Global TESOL College will be responsible for providing the program and certificate(s) to eligible students. Target ISC students are not allowed to complete the online part for TESOL program’s clock-in hours on Target ISC campus.  

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